The Conference is Approaching

Finally, a long and hard winter comes to an end and we can look forward to more sunny days – with the 2013 DIVERSE conference in Osnabruck, Germany as a highlight! We are happy to invite you to join us for this year’s conference from June 24-26. Please note that we shifted the event from June 26-28 (as announced in the CfP).

The reason for this shift is that this year, the DIVERSE conference coincides with the Opencast Unconference, so we will be able to offer you the best of two worlds. Three actually: DIVERSE as a community of educational video practitioners and enthusiasts will offer presentations from a wide range of perspectives on the use of visual learning material. This will overlap with presentations from the Opencast community on the production, management, and distribution of academic video. Plus, the Opencast Matterhorn project will allow you to learn more about the status of the open source video management system Matterhorn is at its bi-annual gathering.

Together, these events will provide relevant insight for teachers, technical staff, producers, researchers, educational staff and technical developers as well as project managers and students interested in using video in academia. We are confident the combination of these events will also give you an excellent opportunity for formal and informal networking with experts in the field from all over the globe.

Still more good news to come: Due to the two events coinciding and our generous hosts at the University of Osnabruck, the conference fee this year is a mere 150$.

You can learn more about the conference, venue, hotels and organisational matters at

You are welcome to register for the conference; please start by registering a user account at;
with the password received by e-mail, you can then register at

via Eventbrite; the registration is handled via the Opencast Unconference, but valid for DIVERSE 2013 as well.

The programme at

is still work in progress. Due to the more spontaneous nature of the unconference, will provide more detailed information not before early June.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Osnabruck!

The DIVERSE 2013 conference team

PS: Missed the deadline for DIVERSE? You can still submit a proposal at the Opencast unconference; register and submit at

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