Al-Quds Open University Experience in Establishing an Online Educational Video Library

Amal Natsheh
Al-Quds Open University

This paper will shed the light on Al-Quds Open University experience in establishing the online educational video library (EVL) project in terms of definition and concept, the EVL objectives , the target groups, description of EVL content and design, and presenting an introductory video about EVL.
EVL is a computerized video library for the teaching learning situations prepared basically to support the Teachers Education Programs at Al-Quds Open University (QOU) and The University College for Educational Sciences (UCES) in the Palestinian Territories.

EVL is a prominent educational achievement emerged from a joint project between Al-Quds Open University and The University College for Educational Sciences ( UCES) and funded by the European Commission (EC) and the World Bank(WB) through the Quality Improvement Fund (QIF) in the Palestinian Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MOEHE) with a total budget of 350000$. The mentioned project went through many stages of preparing , evaluating and editing the educational content materials which were produced by 23 educationalists. The final production of these educational videos was undertaken by Pen Media, a leading Educational Media Company in the Palestinian Territories.

The pre-service teachers , who have been studying at the Faculty of Education at Al-Quds Open University , estimated by 30000 , in addition to their counterparts at The University College for Educational Sciences ( UCES),estimated by more than 1000, are the library basic target groups stakeholders and beneficiaries who
can watch these educational videos out of time and place borders to enhance their teaching skills and empower them as future teachers. Meanwhile, other groups ,such as pre-service teachers from the Palestinian universities and even from Arab and universal universities can also benefit from this library as well as the in-service teachers in Palestine who want to develop and enhance their teaching and research proficiencies.

So far, 61 short educational videos have been produced with a duration of 5-10 minute for each film in the areas: Teaching Practicum, Instructional Design, Model Teaching Lessons in the Arabic Language, Mathematics, Islamic Education, General Science, Civil Education, Geography, History, Technology, Art Education and English Language; Teaching Methods, Issues concerning the teachers and their students, instructional aids, and sustainable development.

In addition, 42 short video snapshots from schools and classrooms were uploaded to the website. The hosting server capacity for this website , fortunately, can host a large number of videos and so more additional educational video shots will be included in the future.

The following snapshot is for the online educational video library website interface :


In September 2010, the EVL website was formally launched for the public. Many visits for this website were recorded on a regular basis using a special tracking system.

Currently, a research has being conducted by a research team consisted of three members at Al-Quds open University( I was one of these members) to evaluate the contribution of EVL in improving the learning and performance of students enrolled in the Teaching Practicum course (5419) in the second semester 2012/2013 in 22 University educational centers distributed in the West Bank and Gaza Strip in the Palestinian Territories.
­­After describing the EVL website and its content and design , a short five-minute introductory video will be displayed in the end of the presentation.

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