The MediaMosa Foundation – From innovation to a sustainable open source community

Frans Ward, Michel van de Ven

In January 2013 the MediaMosa Foundation was established by SURFnet and Kennisnet.
The primary goals of the foundation are to promote the use of the MediaMosa Open
Source Digital Asset Management System, to bring together its international community,
and facilitate the continued development of the platform. The MediaMosa Foundation owns
all rights to the code, domains and trademarks of MediaMosa.
The MediaMosa Foundation is governed by a three member board, which mostly plays a
ceremonial role. The Board carries financial responsibility and will publish results and plans on a yearly basis.
All operational activities are delegated to the Member Council, which is elected by the
community members, from the community members. All persons engaging with
MediaMosa and contributing to it in time, money or resources are eligible to become
members of the foundation.
This presentation will elaborate on the lessons learned from forming an open source
foundation. What are the organisational issues that need to be addressed? What does it
take to successfully commit an active open source community to a foundation? How can
you address the international community members? How can you guarantee future
commitments? How do you secure financial independence and assurance?
This presentation will also detail how the Foundation is organised, how people can
become part of it as a member, and what benefits this will bring to them and the
MediaMosa project. We describe the new possibilities the foundation will bring to
MediaMosa. We will make a call to action for people to join the foundation, and/or become
a sponsor. Finally we will make an announcement for the first event to be organised by the
MediaMosa Foundation.

About MediaMosa
MediaMosa is software to build a Full Featured, Webservice Oriented Media Management
and Distribution platform. With MediaMosa you can build a stateoftheart,
scalable Middleware Media Distribution Platform that facilitates access to, and usage of (shared) storage capacity, metadata databases, transcoding and streaming servers.
The MediaMosa platform offers functionality for searching, playing, uploading, transcoding,
as well as a fine granularity media access control system towards its users. MediaMosa is
based on the Representational State Transfer (REST) architecture and is designed to
support content streaming applications by providing a backend, audio and video infrastructure.
MediaMosa is developed and used by all kinds of people, organisations and companies in
The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Norway, Italy, Ukraine, and
the USA, amongst others.

MediaMosa was developed by SURFnet and Kennisnet in an innovation and cooperation
program called the SURFnet / Kennisnet Innovation Program. The SURFnet / Kennisnet
Innovation Program was a collaboration that started in 2004 and aims to facilitate ICT
innovation for the education sector, ranging from primary education to higher education.


Author biographies
Frans Ward is a Technical Product Manager at SURFnet and has been responsible for
innovation projects in the area of online video, streaming services and media management. Since 2007 he is responsible for the development MediaMosa and is
chair of the MediaMosa Program Management Committee. In his current position he is
a SURFconext Business Development Manager for Video and Realtime Collaboration Services.
Frans studied Business Information Technology at Rotterdam University. After working at
the Erasmus University IT department for more than 12 years he joined SURFnet in 1999.
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Michel van de Ven is Software Architect, Open Source consultant, and board member of
the MediaMosa Foundation.
Michel van de Ven studied Computing Science at the Delft University of Technology in
1989 and received his degree from the The Hague University of Applied Sciences in 1995.
He worked at Unit 4 as Researcher from 1995 to 2003, building international experience
with research and development activities and software engineering best practices. From
2003 to 2006 he worked as a freelance information technology specialist. He founded
Madcap together with 2 business companions in 2006, where he worked as Chief
Technology Officer until 2011, researching and applying software engineering best
practices, product standardisation, software estimation and building international
businesses in the Ukraine. From 2007 on he was Software Architect for the development
of MediaMosa.
Michel van de Ven has had a special interest in Free and Open Source software since his
university years, he contributed to the rise of Ruby in Europe around 2000, contributed
significantly to the MediaMosa architecture and uses Emacs for everything.

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