Only a few days left!

In less than a week one week the Opencast/Diverse conference will start!
We are really looking forward to welcome you in Osnabrück!
As these are 2 conferences in 1 we still have 2 websites, we did not manage to get all these features in one website in the short time. But you only need to pay once, even if you register on both websites. Sorry for this.
So why should you register on the Opencast Unconference page?
If you subscribe here you can still propose sessions and you can vote for sessions! This part of the conference is an unconference where the agenda will be fixed at the first day in a discussion with the audience. This will happen at 12:00 on Monday. We focus on the sessions with the most votes and propose a schedule. But the audience is asked to discuss this with us. There is although a break-out room available, if you want to discuss some topics with a smaller group.
So please vote now for your favorite sessions!
Why should I register on the DIVERSE website?
On this page we prepared a little gadget to make it easier for you to do some networking and have a good time in Osnabrück. We prepared a mobile site, where you will find the news, the programm etc. And additional to this we have a pub finder for you:
We provide you with a list of pubs, where you can “Check in”. If you do so, others will see that you are in this pub and can meet you there (what is even easier, if you provide a photo). Unfortunately you will need a data connection for this. Some pubs have free WiFi, but you have to ask for a password. Or you can buy at some stores prepaid mobile cards for 10 to 15 Euros (around 2€ per day or 9€ a month for a data plan).
I guess many of you will arrive on Sunday. We reserved some seats in Wein-Krüger (on Google Maps) that is close to the town-hall  in the old town. We will start at 20:00 (8pm). It would be great if could give me some feedback if you want to join too, so that we know that we have enough seats! They would prefer it, if we could tell them if and what you want to eat, so that we might get the food quicker.
If you have not registered yet: the registration is still open until Saturday June 22nd!

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